• RELEASE DATE: March 9, 2023
  • ON SALE WINDOW: 7 days (03/9/23 - 03/16/23)
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-5a and 1b-5b
  • COMPLETE SET: 10 card base set, 20 card Master Set could be assembled including 10 parallel border cards
  • PRICE: There was only one way to purchase this release. The sets could be purchased directly from the Topps website for $19.99, or in a lot of 10 for $179.99
  • INFORMATION: The Not-Scars 2023 online exclusive set included only Garbage Pail Kids characters. Poking fun at Maverick, Avatar, and the 2023 Oscars (Academy Awards) in general, this set was available for a limited time and could only be purchased directly from the Topps website
  • PRINT RUN: According to information released on the Topps website, the release sold a total of 2066