• MADE BY: The Garbage Pail Kids Pencils were produced and released by Bright Ideas Inc.
  • MANUFACTURED IN: All Bright Ideas merchandise, including the Pencils, were manufactured in Coatesville, PA
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the Pencils reads 1985
  • COMPLETE SET: It is unknown what makes a complete set of Pencils, but they have been spotted in four different colors and with seven different characters

It's possible there is no other piece of Garbage Pail Kids merchandise that has flown under-the-radar more than the Pencils from Bright Ideas. These items rarely show up for sale, resulting in a large portion of the collecting-community doubting their authenticity or not even knowing they exist at all. However, these pencils are definitely legitimate and were released alongside the other Bright Ideas school-themed items.

The wood pencils came in a variety of colors and featured a number of different Garbage Pail Kids characters on the side. Themed-pencils were extremely popular in the 1980s so it only makes sense that someone took advantage of the popularity of GPK.

Pencil Examples