Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: January, 2014
  • CARD NUMBERS: 1-10
  • SUBSET: 10
  • SUBSET CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Subset Checklist
  • INFORMATION: The release of 2014 Series 1 coincided with the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games, so Topps decided to create a little tie-in with their release. Not only was there the Olym-Picks characters as part of the set, there was also the inclusion of some actual 'Medals'. The medals came in Gold 1:24 packs, Silver 1:8 packs, and Bronze 1:4 packs...and feature etched characters on the front, and 'events' information on the back. Included in the gallery above are examples of the Gold and Silver medals, followed by the entire set of Bronze medals.