Below is a listing of all Garbage Pail Kids whose name starts with THE LETTER U. This list encompasses all releases between Original Series 1 and the 30th Anniversary Series *

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Unshaven Uma - 2015 Bonus - B5b
Check Upton - 2015 - 47b
Cut Upton - 2014S1 Bonus - B8b
Heads Upton - OS10 - 388b
Pipe Upton - 30th Anniversary Artistic Influence - 7b
Team Upton - 2014S2 - 131a
Upton Stream - BNS3 - 147b
Opera Ursula - ANS5 Bonus - B11

* After the 30th Anniversary release Topps switched to mainly themed sets, which resulted in a large number of celebrity names and/or politician names...which doesn't keep with the traditional GPK-naming scheme, and honestly just isn't as fun