The COLOR ROUGH ART piece below was drawn by Luis Diaz for the All-New Series 6 Garbage Pail Kids. The concept ended up being changed drastically before it was printed for cards 28a Sam Castle and 28b Crushed Kayla. Unfortunately, the art director at Topps wished for the character to take on a more 'castle' look. If left like the concept, the card would have been one of the best in the series...if only.


Using the tight pencil copy, the artist will use acrylics to paint a color rough. The artist does this to know what the colors are, what kind of lighting and shading things have, and to make sure everything is bold, clear and readable. It also limits or eliminates having to make changes on the final art where it is much more time consuming and costly to do so. With the rough done, the artist can see ahead of time how the painting will look, and where they may need to make an edge darker or lighter for greater punch.

Sam Castle ANS Color Rough Artwork
Color Rough C.O.A.


The publisher has the printer scan the final artwork, and add the logo and character names to the art. The cards are printed on a large sheet as a complete set, then cut apart and collated into small packages and boxes of cards.

Final Printed Stickers (#28a and 28b)