The CONCEPT ART pieces below were drawn by Mark Pingitore for the Flashback Series of Garbage Pail Kids. This particular piece was part of the 'Where Are They Now?' subset, intended to show some of our favorite characters 20 years later. I purchased this concept art directly from Mark, and was excited to add it to my collection.

Unfortunately, the original was damaged in the mail. Thankfully, Mark was extremely generous and offered to draw me a new one! The second piece of artwork was just as strong...and even drawn at a bigger scale! Check out the insane detail in the images below (and also check out just how similar the two images are).


The first stage of the artwork process, the concept art is often a hastily thrown together sketch or drawing. This rough drawing will focus on action, expression, humor and exaggeration. Regular pencil is used during this step. Mark truly sets his work apart from other artists by the amount of time and detail he adds to his concept work. This attention to detail helps the final artist understand the concept better, ultimately resulting in gorgeous final artwork.

Adam Bomb 'Where Are They Now?' FB Concept Artwork

Adam Bomb 'Where Are They Now?' FB Concept Artwork (re-drawn)


The publisher has the printer scan the final artwork, and add the logo and character names to the art. The cards are printed on a large sheet as a complete set, then cut apart and collated into small packages and boxes of cards.

Final Printed Stickers (#72a)
Final Printed Stickers (#72b)