Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: January, 2020
  • CARD NUMBERS: 1-10
  • SUBSET: 10 cards
  • VARIATION SUBSET: no variations
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Master Checklist
  • INFORMATION: For the Late To School Series there are a total of 10 different School Pennant Cards. These are similar to the 'Patch' cards from previous releases, and are much thicker and made of different material. The reason for the thickness is they include a unique swatch of fabric that is supposed to resemble a 'school 'pennant'. These are reminiscent of some of the sports cards Topps releases that include a portion of a jersey, etc. These rare items were limited to a total of 100 per character, and were available in 1:74 Collector's Edition packs