Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: December, 2007
  • SUBSET: 6 stickers
  • VARIATION SUBSET: 7 stickers
  • SUBSET CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Subset Checklist
  • INFORMATION: All New Series 7 Bonus Cards were available in both Blister packs and Bonus Boxes. ANS7 is also the only All New Series to feature a variation in the Bonus Card Set. B2 Carl Wreck was originally not distributed as promised from Topps and only a few cards found their way into collector’s hands. After much outrage and frustration (largely from the GPK Underground Forum), Topps re-printed a number of different B2 cards. The reprints differ from the original B2 by having a different shade of purple on the background. It’s almost impossible to notice but the original B2 cards are one of the most rare GPK ever printed.