• RELEASE DATES: April 2020 (see 'Details' below for breakdown)
  • STICKER NUMBERS: 1a-20a and 1b-20b
  • PRICE: There were two ways to purchase this release. Each set could be purchased individually for $19.99, or in lots of 10 for $160.00
  • INFORMATION: Considering the fact most of the world was in lockdown, the political sets didn't seem to be hitting home with a number of collectors. In an effort to switch things up Topps decided to release a more "fun" set. From their website: "Every day is a holiday! It seems like every day there is something to celebrate whether you know if or not each day of the year has a holiday connected to it. The Garbage Pail Kids want to help you celebrate some of these holidays for the month of April"
  • DETAILS: Below is a breakdown of each set featuring card #s, release date, and print run:
    Week 1: 1a-5b | 4/1/20 - 4/7/20 | 562 Print Run
    Week 2: 6a-10b | 4/7/20 - 4/14/20 | 469 Print Run
    Week 3: 11a-15b | 4/14/20 - 4/21/20 | 474 Print Run
    Week 4: 16a-20b | 4/21/20 - 4/28/20 | 440 Print Run