Release Information

  • RELEASE DATE: December 2, 2019 (weekdays through December 20)
  • ON SALE WINDOW: Each card was available for 24 hours
  • BASE SET: 20
  • VARIATION SET: 22 stickers
  • PRICE: Individual cards in the Garbage Pail Kids: 2019 Was The Worst on-demand series were $7.99 each when purchased individually. There was also a ‘bulk pricing’ option offering 5 for $27.99, 10 for $44.99, or 20 for $74.99
  • INFORMATION: The 2019 Was The Worst online exclusive set followed the old daily-release format of the political cards from 2016/17 where a new card was released every day. Cards were released on weekdays throughout the month of December, and contained artwork from Joe Simko, Joe McWilliams, Brent Engstrom, Neil Camera, and David Gross. Each card took a news story from 2019 and put a GPK-spin on it.
    The gallery above contains the final sticker artwork, artist name, release date, and print run for every card in the set

    There were TWO ERROR CARDS in the release:
    - #16 Bottlecap CHAD was sent to collectors with a #7 in the corner
    - #20 Announcing ADAM was sent to collectors with the normal '2019 Was The Worst' back as opposed to the checklist
    In both instances Topps mailed out the correct versions to collectors at no additional cost

    Lastly, even though when Card #6 was released for sale it originally had the name 'MIMI Meme', Topps changed the image immediately and ended up shipping out only ONE version titled KAT Fight