Topps and IDW tackled martians and MARS ATTACKS for their fourth issue and created GROSS ENCOUNTERS OF THE TURD KIND - a collection of stories that are (literally) out of this world!

Fans of both Mars Attacks and Garbage Pail Kids were eagerly anticipating the release of this book...however sales didn't meet expectations and talks of 'shutting down the comic book' began to grow.

This page provides a comprehensive look at Garbage Pail Kids Issue 4 from advertising all the way to production. You can even flip through the entire comic book right here at geepeekay! Enjoy!


FEATURED ARTISTS: Hilary Barta, Doug Rice, Jason Millet, Ryan Browne, Andrew Elder, Joe Simko, James Kochalka, Roger Langridge


From the IDW Website:

Join the Garbage Pail Kids for a literally breathtaking foray into the most bizarre and amazing worlds of the future!

The toned-down advertising and marketing that the previous two issues received continues here...Issue #4 received barely a whisper on social networks...and it obviously didn't garner any promo cards (or promo material of any kind). As the release grew closer, PREVIEWS magazine ran a full page ad in their June 2015 issue. This provided collectors with their first glimpse at the different covers and their prices. The ad featured the original cover drafts that did not have the artist names, nor the suggested age warning, etc.

Issue #319, 06/2015
(click to enlarge)


As is typical with comic book releases, Topps and IDW decided to create a number of different cover variations for collectors to buy.

Original promo images of the comic was released that did NOT include the artist names, etc. and interestingly enough also included a number of name variations. There are images of a Incentive cover with the Alien IAN namebar and also Deluxe covers with 'General DEAN NYLE' as opposed to 'Over KILLIAN'. In the end a total of FOUR variations were released.

Click the images above for hi-res versions


TThe Deluxe Edition was the only one of the three different covers to come sealed in a bag. The reason for this is because it includes a Bonus Card Over KILLIAN (below). This card (drawn by Brent Engstrom) not only comes in the typical WHITE border, but has also be found with a rare BLACK border and an even MORE rare YELLOW and RED borders! Are there any colors left to find?!

Bonus Card SP4
(white border)
Bonus Card SP4
(black border)
Bonus Card SP4
(yellow border)
Bonus Card SP4
(red border)


Now that you know everything there is to know about HOW Issue 4 came to life, why not read it!? That's right, you can flip through hi-res scans of the entire GROSS ENCOUNTERS OF THE TURD KIND below! Well…what are you waiting for...start reading!