In September, 2013 I was lucky enough to attend the Philly Non Sports Card Show. Aside from meeting some fantastic artists and collectors, I was able to take part in a special project 30 years in the making: the Garbage Pail Kids Documentary!

That's right...a documentary highlighting anything and everything Garbage Pail Kids! The documentary is the brainchild of (current GPK artist) Joe Simko, and will (without a doubt) ultimately serve as THE authority on Garbage Pail Kids.

In addition to featuring dead-sexy GPK Collectors like little ol' me, this documentary will also contain interviews from the original gang that started it all: Art Spiegelman, Len Brown, Mark Newgarden, John Pound, Tom Bunk, Jay Lynch, Jeff Zapata, and more!

The 'Mission':

Our goal is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids Cards with an awesome documentary that is jam-packed with interviews and stories from the original creators of the controversial and explosively-popular 80’s card series. Grown-up kids will share nostalgic memories of what it was like to be a part of an international phenomena. Superfans will give us a peek at what a 30-year amassment of Garbage Pail Kids memorabilia looks like. We will explore the rich cartoon art history that bred this culture icon and proclaim Garbage Pail Kids as a solid mark of the 20th Century!


Because this is an INDIEGOGO project...its success depends 100% on you guys stepping up to the plate! This is NOT an official Topps release - this is put together by fans and collectors just like we desperately need your help!!

And if this wasn't sweeeet enough, you actually GET stuff in exchange for donating. The INDIEGOGO page details out the insane amount of items that are available for donating to the project.

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You obviously love Garbage Pail Kids (you're here aren't you!?), and if they hold a special place in your heart like they do me, donating should be a no-brainer! So without further HERE to head over to INDIEGOGO and throw some money at this unbelievably-fantastic project!!

Promo Postcard
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Obviously this page will continue to grow as the documentary gets closer to completion. The guys in charge are planning on a 2016 STAY TUNED!!

THANK YOU JOE & JEFF! (and all the other supporters of this wonderful project!)