• MADE BY: The Kawaii Kubes ('Pozers') were produced and released by WishFactory
  • MANUFACTURED IN: The GPK Pozers were manufactured in China
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the GPK Pozers packaging reads 2017
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each GPK Pozers package measures 5" x 6 1/2" (wxh) with the figures measuring approx. 5" tall (on stand)
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of Series 1 GPK Pozers consists of 5 different figures

Perhaps collectors were too busy being distracted by the onslaught of online releases, because these figures surprised EVERYONE. There was not one piece of advertising from Topps...nor was there a peep from WishFactory...rather these figures just ended up on Target shelves out of nowhere!

No stranger to pop-culture licenses, Kawaii Cubes apparently picked up the GPK licensing rights and decided to expand on their toyline that already included DC, Star Trek, WB, and more. And instead of expanding their popular plush releases, they instead decided to go with the less-popular 'Pozers' figures.


GPK Pozers were sold in blind bags that were distributed in a 'gravity-feed' style box. The box contained 36 blind bags (sold for $6.99/ea), and contained a transparent display section on the front showing the Tee-Vee STEVIE figure.

The box featured product images of the Adam Bomb figure and boasted "1000+ poses" for the figures

Series 1 Case Box (angle-right)
Series 1 Case Box (angle-left)
Series 1 Case Box (front)


The figures were sold in blind bags featuring the 'GPK' logo and Adam Bomb figure on the front. In addition to a number of different pieces of information about the product, the back of the package included a picture-checklist of the five figures available to collect.

It should be noted that Kawaii Cubes stamped "Series 1" all over the packaging, so it will be interesting to see if further series are released.

Series 1 Blind Bag (front)
Series 1 Blind Bag (back)

Each blind bag contained one figure and one magnetic base. The figures were secured in a clear-plastic clamshell, and the magnetic base floated loosely in the bag.

The way the figures were packaged made it possible to tell which character was inside by simply feeling for the shape of the head. With a small Series release it was fairly simple to pick up a set without purchasing duplicate figures

Figure In Packaging (front)
Figure In Packaging (back)


There are five characters in the Series 1 release, with each figure measuring approximately 5" tall. Below is a hi-res gallery of the front of each figure.